Police Force Triple Defender


The intimidating appearance of this patent pending self-defense system is often enough to make any attacker think twice. The Triple Defender provides you with three levels of defense: Pepper spray, strobe light, and stun gun.

Debilitating Sabre Red Pepper Spray: incorporates Crossfire Technology to fire a blast of the military-grade pepper up to 25 feet.
Disorienting Strobe Light: can be shined in the eyes of an attacker to impair their vision.
Three Light Modes: 100% Power, 50% Power, Strobe
Incapacitating Police Force Tactical Stun Gun: manufactured by Streetwise, the industry leading stun gun brand, features Triple Stun Technology which can easily bring an attacker to his knees.
Quick Release Bracket: The Rechargeable Tactical Stun Flashlight can be used while attached to the Triple Defender or easily removed using the quick release bracket included.
Warranty: 1 year for Police Force Triple Defender, 1 year for Quick Release Bracket, lifetime for Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight, 1 year for pepper spray nozzle, and until the date of expiration for pepper spray.

Patent Pending DefenderTM Six-Sided Rail Unit
Tactical Handgrip
F4 TacticalTM Unit
Pull Trigger
Police Force Tactical Stun Gun Flashlight
Charging cord for Stun Gun
Instruction Manuals
Holster for Stun Gun
Allen Wrench
Stun Gun Mount
Quick Release Bracket
One 3 fl. oz. can inert training spray
One 2 fl. oz. can Sabre Red pepper spray.

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Price: $293.95